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The Shiny Squad

Welcome to our happy and shiny squad! 

Our animals represent childhood as it should be….fun, free, adventurous, even silly and whimsical! We believe that these are just not words that define childhood, but more importantly are the essence of a healthy and happy start to life! 

Windmill Baby Curious Ted

Curious TED: I am the curious  guy who wonders about everything, from the Earth to the moon to the stars and everything in between… Along with you, I want to learn and question and discover – what’s in the tea cup, under the carpet or how high is the sky? But I’m also really fussy and nitpicked on every tiny ingredient that’s gone into your product to bring to you the  safest yet most effective product that can be.  

Windmill Baby Dreamy Ele

Dreamy ELE: I’m the cutest cuddliest lil girl but also a bit of a dreamer. I love entertaining my lil friends by blowing bubbles with my trunk! I really really care for all my lil friends and I’m kinda the momma around when we’re playing, to make sure you don’t get hurt. But I push you to do the impossible like swinging from a branch and jumping across puddles. When you’re sleeping, I dream of a healthier and happier tomorrow for all my tiny friends. 

Windmill Baby Sly Allie

Sly ALLIE: I’m the mischievous one! If you just saw your little tot scale up and down his first big mountain (of course, the bed), then you know whose trick just worked…hehehe ;)  My broom is my best buddy, philosopher, guide, go to object, all rolled into one! A broom can do great tricks, which you will see! And I love green… Everything green! 

Windmill Baby Patty Piggy

Patty Piggy: I’m fearless Patty. Though most piggies are dirty, I’m the girl who runs for a bath first! I love splashing around as I clean. But oops, did I tell you I never take NO for an answer. I often hear, “Patty is a pigheaded pig, and she is on a mission to clean''! My other hobby is driving away spiders, fearlessly. So let’s get to work!

At Windmill, we celebrate the spirit of wonder and amazement by making your baby’s home (his first amusement park) safe by taking care of the unseen. Through our range of clean, certified and safe products we ensure your surroundings are not only free of germs but also of toxins.