Tackle monsoon-related laundry woes with us!

The monsoon season brings with it a refreshing respite from the scorching heat and a delightful aroma of wet earth. However, it also brings its fair share of laundry challenges, with mud-stained clothes, dampness, and a constant battle against mold and mildew. As parents, it's essential to keep our little one's clothes clean and fresh, especially during this season. Let’s explore some unique laundry tips to tackle monsoon-related laundry woes and introduce you to the perfect laundry companion!

1. Embrace the Sun:

Though monsoon clouds often conceal the sun, make the most of sunny days by sun-drying your baby's clothes. Sunlight not only helps in disinfecting and naturally bleaching the fabrics but also imparts a delightful freshness to them. Sun-drying also aids in eliminating dampness and preventing musty odours.

2. Invest in waterproof bibs & covers

Drool, and food spills can lead to constant clothes changing for your little one. Invest in waterproof bibs and covers to keep their clothes dry and clean. These nifty accessories are easy to wipe clean and save you from frequent laundry loads especially during the monsoon when dampness and humidity lead to a higher chance of mold and mildew growth on clothes.

3. Dry Clothes Indoors Wisely:

On days when sun-drying isn't possible due to heavy rain, ensure you dry clothes indoors in a well-ventilated area. Avoid hanging wet clothes in crowded spaces, as it can lead to a musty smell. Instead, invest in a clothes drying rack that allows sufficient airflow

4. Opt for Quick Drying Fabrics:

Choose quick-drying fabrics for your baby's clothes during the monsoon. Fabrics like cotton and synthetic blends dry faster and reduce the chances of musty smells and mold growth.

5. Keep Clothes Storage Dry:

Ensure the place where you store your baby's clothes is dry and free from dampness. Use moisture-absorbing sachets or camphor to prevent mold and mildew growth.

6. Separate Wet and Dry Clothes:

When bringing in wet clothes, keep them separate from dry ones to prevent the transfer of dampness and potential mold growth.

7. Lastly, give our plant powered cleaners that are specially formulated with stain fighting bio-enzymes a trial! 

With the monsoon season upon us, taking care of your baby's laundry needs requires a little extra effort and attention. Embrace these unique laundry tips to keep your little one's clothes fresh, clean, and hygienic during this rainy season. With Windmill Baby, you can confidently embark on this monsoon adventure, knowing that your baby's laundry is in safe hands.