Know your cleaner

Windmill Baby toss away toxic products

If you’ve been worried sick about the toxic chemicals lurking around in your cleaners, then let us assure you that we are here to help you! With babies at the very heart of our cleaning project we strongly believe that every parent has the right to know and clearly understand what’s inside our bottles. 

Let us begin by telling you that Windmill baby brings to you some of the cleanest household cleaners on this planet - Products that are true to their pledge of being plant powered. 

As a discerning customer you may be feeling overwhelmed with the number of cleaning products claiming to be “natural”. Infact natural could literally mean all or nothing, as there are no regulations controlling this category of products. The term NATURAL on a label could actually mislead a customer into believing that a product is of 100% natural origin. That is why it is imperative that we ask “what % of the product is natural or of natural origin? 

Always remember, conscious companies will make all efforts to be specific about their ingredients and claims. 

Keeping this in mind we sensed a need to educate customers about our ingredients and more importantly our claims. To keep things transparent each and every Windmill baby product has been certified for its biobased / plant based content by the USDA. You will be happy to know that all our products are at the least 96% of natural origin, as certified by the USDA.  What we mean here is that, of the total volume of the product, including water, at least 96% is of natural origin. Having USDA or similar certifications is a norm in developed countries such as the USA as it supports transparency of biobased claims made by manufacturers.

Windmill baby is the first Indian home cleaning brand to be certified by the USDA for its Biobased content.

SO WHY NOT A 100%?

Natural ingredients are safe, effective and environment friendly, but they can also get a bit tricky to handle. As we know they are not always safe to be used in their natural form, in addition, we also need them to perform. Hence we need to add in some ingredients for their specific benefits. However, be rest assured that the composition of these ingredients will never be more than 4% (on the higher side) in any of our formulations. In fact, some of our products such as the Natural Surface Cleaner is 99.5% natural. 

While there may be natural alternatives to the synthetic ingredients we have used, each comes with a tradeoff. We NEVER use products that are on the restricted lists of the likes of EWG or EPA no matter how much of an economic sense it makes.