A clean home is a happy home. And we are on a mission to keep your home happy. 

Windmill cleaning products are scientifically researched, tested and certified keeping in mind what’s safe! The world as we know it, is changing, and we want to help parents like you positively affect this change. By making small improvements in your lifestyle choices, together we can help mother nature continue mothering us in the way she knows best!  After all, it’s what our children deserve and so do all of us. 

We have a “no compromise” attitude to using ingredients that are certified safe by EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and EWG (Environmental Working Group) - global organizations leading the effort of creating awareness about toxic chemicals. Coz a claim is no good if it is not certified! 

We strive for excellence. Strike the best balance between safety and effectivity. 

We are progressive. Move with the times, always on the forefront of the latest technology and research so that we can bring the best products to you. 

We are conscious. We use renewable plant based raw materials. After all, the health of the environment will dictate the health of your little one! 

No Compromise! Clean products that Clean well.


For any questions, please reach out to us at You may also contact us at our business address: 

Windmills Naturelab Pvt. Ltd. 
107 Raheja Plaza, Vira Desai Road, Andheri (W), Mumbai 400058, India